Pick the Perfect Countertop for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Pick the Perfect Countertop for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen countertops not only need to look great, but they also need to be functional while complementing the overall look and feel of your outdoor living space. There are a number of attractive and smart choices for outdoor kitchen countertops.



For The Budget-Wise


1. Stainless Steel

Economical, easy to clean, and suitable for almost all geographic areas, stainless steel is the ideal choice for functionality and a contemporary look. Stainless steel outdoor kitchen countertops are best when located in a shady or covered spot, as they can get pretty hot if exposed to direct sunlight.


2. Concrete

Concrete is the ultimate choice if you’re looking to create a unique, one-of-a-kind design. They can be painted and textured to match almost any style. Concrete outdoor kitchen countertops are fairly inexpensive and will last for years and years with very minimum maintenance.


3. Plastic Laminate

A budget-friendly choice, you can find some lovely laminate designs and they seem to be getting more innovate in their appearance every day.  But remember that the plastic is attached by adhesion, so you’ll need to perform regular maintenance to ensure that the laminate is still sticking properly.



For The Rock Lovers


4. Soapstone

Beautiful and teeming with color choices, many homeowners select soapstone because it’s fairly durable while offering a lot of flexibility in terms of color options. The drawback: the stone can be scratched, however a dab of mineral oil and a soft cloth can take care of most small scratches.


5. Slate

Slate outdoor kitchen countertops are a great choice for a gorgeous and unique countertop that requires little maintenance. Having low porosity, these countertops are stain, heat and weather-resistant.


6. Porcelain

This type of countertop material is sturdy and stands up well to the outdoor elements. This type of countertop does require a bit more maintenance, but it’s well worth the extra TLC when you see the wide selection of shapes, surface designs, and colors.


7. Granite

Granite is on the expensive side, but homeowners should look at it as an investment.  It’s incredibly long lasting, durable, and it can withstand any and all elements, making it ideal for your outdoor kitchen space.


8. Ceramic Tile

Though the trends these days lean towards having a “seamless” countertop, ceramic tiling is still among the most popular choices for outdoor kitchen countertops.  If your kitchen will be in direct sunlight, consider choosing colors that are naturally more fade-resistant than others.



For The Naturalists


9. Wood

Wood is a less popular choice because it does require a little extra maintenance. It’s susceptible to burns, stains, and can be damaged by outdoor elements if not properly treated. But that being said, a wooden countertop will look amazing and be a highlight of your outdoor kitchen.


10. Recycled Materials

Reclaimed wood, paper materials, and plastic can create incredibly unique counter spaces while putting less strain on the environment. However, these countertops can lack the durability and longevity of other outdoor kitchen countertop materials. But if you’re outdoor kitchen will be in a covered area and pretty well protected from the elements, recycled materials are a great choice.

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