Beware of Algae Blooms

Beware of Algae Blooms

While temperatures are perfect for enjoying a refreshing dip in the pool, they are also hot enough to wreak havoc on your pool. The heat is the perfect breeding ground for algae in your pool. Algae blooms can be a nuisance and, if not dealt with quickly, can cause serious issues to your pool and pool water. If algae grow in your swimming pool, you must act fast. 

Read on to learn how to keep the algae monster at bay during these hot summer months and what you must do should it rear its ugly head. 

What are Algae, and Why Do They Bloom?

Algae are living creatures always present in your pool at microscopic sizes. Like all living things, they need food to survive; even the bluest pools can provide the food needed to bloom fully. When conditions are just right, an algae bloom can happen in hours. Algae thrive in many environments, depending on water temperature, sunlight, pH, mineral content, and chlorine residual. 

What Does Toxic Algae Bloom Look Like?

There are over 21,000 known varieties of algae. Here are the most common types of algae bloom and what you should look out for in your pool.

Green Algae: Green algae are easy to spot. It reduces water clarity and is often found floating or clinging to the pool walls. It can also grow as spots, sheets, or clumps.

Yellow Algae: Wall clinging/mustard algae is more challenging to eradicate than other types of algae, and re-infection is common. It is resistant to normal chlorine levels and requires a firm treatment.

Black Algae: Black algae is hard to eliminate because of its strong roots and protective layers. It can appear as dark black or blue/green spots and grow back in the same place if the roots aren’t destroyed. It can grow even in the presence of proper filtration.

How Do I Get Rid of Algae Blooms?

If you’re concerned about your pool’s health, it’s essential to take action and eliminate the bloom as soon as possible. Typical chlorine levels, unfortunately, cannot kill pool algae. Furthermore, your pool filter alone cannot eliminate algae spores. Follow the steps below to get rid of algae from your pool:

1.  Vacuum your pool manually. A manual vacuum while on the filter’s “waste setting” allows you to bypass your pool’s filter and avoid the risk of recirculating algae-ridden water back into the pool. 

2.  Scrub your pool walls and floor. Scrubbing the algae off the walls, floor, and waterline tile will further allow the chlorine to attack the more stubborn algae blooms. 

3.  Test and balance the water. Ensuring properly balanced water will allow the algae treatment to work more efficiently and effectively. 

4.  Shock your swimming pool. This extra dose of sanitizer on top of the chlorine will help stop the algae from continuing to bloom. 

5.  Filter out your pool algae by running the filter for at least 8 hours or until the water is cloudy. You can also use a water clarifier the help. 

6.  Test your pool water again. You’ve done a lot to ensure the algae is killed, so be sure your water is properly balanced before anyone returns for a swim. 

7.  Clean your pool filter. A lot of contaminated water was filtered through the pool. Give it another deep cleaning session to ensure it won’t be recycled into your clean pool. 

Your Lafayette Pool Care Experts

Algae blooms are more of a nuisance than anything else but can cause serious issues if not treated properly. If you’re experiencing algae bloom that you cannot get under control, call the Lafayette pool care experts at The Pool Guy today. We’re here to help you with all of your pool care needs. 


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