Entertaining Poolside This Holiday Season

Entertaining Poolside This Holiday Season

The holidays are fast upon us, making it the perfect time of year for planning parties and get-togethers with loved ones and friends. While you may not use your pool as much during the off-season, there are many ways you can enjoy your backyard during the holiday season and have your custom pool play a leading role in your holiday entertainment and decor. Go ahead and make your pool the centerpiece of this year’s celebrations and take advantage of having such a beautiful backdrop during the holidays by incorporating the following ideas. 

1. Light Up Around the Pool

Outdoor lights are magical when it comes to bringing your backyard pool to life at night during the off-season. A well-illuminated poolscape spotlights other decorations you might have done around the pool area and brings the much-needed holiday vibe.

Go for lights that enhance your holiday theme and place them at strategic points around the poolscape to make the whole area evenly illuminated.

Single-colored lights such as twinkling blue, white, or soft white bring better illumination during the holidays than multicolored lights of green and red. You can also blend different lighting options such as string lights, large bulb lights, LED rope lights, and a few well-lit blow-up figures to illuminate your outdoor space. Remember that simple is always better and makes a gorgeous statement on its own. 

2. Decorate Your Landscape Features

Landscape features around your poolside space, such as plants, trees, and water fountains, enhance your yard’s curb appeal. During the holiday season, these features go a long way in making your poolside more entertaining.

For example, if you have trees growing within your poolscape, you can decorate them with lights and large holiday ornaments to make them more eye-catching. Change out the lighting in your water feature to a green or red bulb for a more festive appeal. Add some poinsettias to your planters for a holiday vibe, along with large lanterns and outdoor candles for softer lighting. 

Decorating your landscape features makes your pool more inviting, especially if you plan on hosting holiday parties in your backyard. Get creative with your outdoor space and don’t save the decor just for your front entrance. 

3. Throw in Some Colorful Throw Pillows

If you have outdoor furniture around your pool or fireplace and fire pit area, it’s time to change up the throw pillows. Consider incorporating seasonal pieces with hues of red, gold, cream, green or silver. Add a throw blanket or two to encourage your guests to make themselves at home while being cozy gazing at the lights or sitting fireside. 

4. Have an Outdoor Fire Pit

Speaking of sitting fireside, an outdoor fire pit is an ideal way to keep the holiday vibe going despite the prevailing cold weather. Learn how to warm your outdoors, and get a firepit or set up a fireplace in your poolscape and create a space where everyone can enjoy the twinkling lights or a starry night. Fireside chats bode well for outdoor entertainment and allow you to extend your party outdoors while still being comfortable. 

Set up a s’mores station near your fire feature to encourage guests to enjoy the classic sweet treat. Keep a basket of cozy blankets nearby so they can grab one and get relaxed. Or encourage the party to move outside and play a few fun games by the light of the fire while enjoying the fresh air. 

5. Dine Outside Under the Stars

Dining outside under the stars sounds like a perfect holiday plan, right? Whether you have a fully-functional outdoor kitchen or you’re setting up outdoor seating specific to your party, your outdoor living options are endless. Find seasonal outdoor serving ware and glassware that helps enhance the holiday experience. Add candles throughout the table for extra ambiance. Throw in some festive cloth napkins. And top it off with wonderful food and drink, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful and welcoming ambiance that will give you more space to entertain. 

The Perfect Outdoor Entertainment 

With holidays coming during the off-season, it may seem far-fetched to be able to include your poolscape in the festivities. But don’t write off your pool just because it may not be swimming season. With a little creativity, you can surely keep the holiday vibe alive right outside your patio doors, leaving you and your guests with an enjoyable experience this holiday season. 

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