Is Your Pool in Need of a Pool Replaster?

A pool replaster is a necessary repair that protects both the appearance and the structural integrity of your pool. Unlike other pool maintenance projects, however, determining when you need a Broussard pool replaster is not determined by years but rather the following signs below:

  1. The Plaster Is Peeling or Flaking (Spalling)

If the plaster is peeling along the floor or the steps of your pool, your pool is in need of a resurfacing or replastering. This type of damage is caused by pool water with a low pH or low calcium level creating a pool surface damaging compound known as calcium hydroxide.

  1. There Are Mineral Stains

Over time your plaster may become stained by minerals, like iron and copper, in the pool. If the stains appear only a couple of years after you have previously had a pool replaster, however, the source of the stains should be located and dealt with to protect your pool (and to save yourself from untimely replastering).

  1. The Surface Is Rough

Do you find yourself or the kids exiting the pool with scratched and painful feet? Then it is definitely time for a Lafayette pool builder to step in and give your pool a fresh replastering.

Draining, acid washing and then giving your pool surface a polish is a temporary fix. Keep in mind, however, that this can be just as expensive as a pool replaster and the results are not always ideal.

  1. The Gunite Is Showing

Your pool’s plaster acts as a waterproof layer for its gunite or shotcrete. If you are seeing dark patches of structural materials on the walls or bottom of your pool, your pool could use a replaster.

  1. The Plaster Is Ugly

Ugly plaster is a matter of opinion in some cases, but the general consensus is that if your plaster is discolored, cracked, or has lost pebbles (if your pool has a pebble job) it would look a lot better with a replaster. A pool replaster will completely refresh the appearance of your pool and will transform that backyard eyesore into an inviting aquatic escape.

Make Your Pool Brand New Again with The Pool Guy LA Pool Replaster

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