Natural Pools

Natural Pools

A freeform pool designed and built by The Pool Guy of Louisiana is a unique and irresistible aquatic escape you’ll be sure to love for years to come.

Freeform swimming pools are custom-made pools designed to suit the wants and needs of a client. Featuring smooth shapes and rounded curves, these pools closely resemble waterscapes that can be found in nature.

Freeform Pool Design Features & Additions

  • Organic design means no disruption to the flow of your outdoor living space
  • Soft, smooth curves naturally complement your landscape
  • Can be easily enhanced with poolscape add-ons including spas, water features, and swim-up bars

Because of their organic beauty, many other elements that can be found out in the wild are often incorporated into the design including cave-like grottos, beach entries, waterfalls, and fire elements. Whether for recreation or relaxation, a dive-in ready freeform pool from The Pool Guy of Louisiana can be the perfect addition to your backyard.


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